Management of day to day radio and video airplay


This includes providing daily Mediabase reports to reflect airplay of the single and video. Any targeted and projected radio stations will be monitored and targeted for airplay.  A strategy of the release date at radio will also be coordinated.

Management of financial expenditures


This includes the budgeting of radio promotional tours, marketing support, tour opportunities (to include buy-ons) and direct spend of all monies that are included in the budget assigned to the project by the client.  MOXY will assist in establishing the budget required.

Assistance with selecting radio singles


MOXY ENTERTAINMENT also offers a service for soliciting feedback from radio stations in regards to single selections for upcoming projects.In addition outside research companies used by the industry, can be hired to select singles geared towards radio listensers, fan-base as well as digital streaming platforms.

Client Liaison, digital services, Public Relations


Based on the client's needs the following can be coordinated: product management, digital PR, traditional PR, social media engagement, micro-site build out, artist advertising via e-blasts for solicitation to radio stations, dsp's and A&R departments in the industry. Weekly conference calls will be arranged to review the project.

Radio and video promotion


For a separate fee, direct radio and video promotion can be included in this proposal.

Provide referrals for all vital aspects of the music business


Art direction, distribution for retail,  publishing, artist development, marketing, new media, sales (including digital distribution), artist publicity, ancillary marketing, TV opportunities to include placement, film, international, touring/agent, corporate sponsorships